Msta River 2001 Oil and Canvas

Breakers 2002 Oil and Canvas

Март 2008

Winter Sun 1998 Oil on Canvas

Spring Moscow 1998 Oil on Canvas

Four Bouquets Of Dried Flowers 1999 Oil on Canvas

At an old temple 1996 Oil and Canvas

Windy day 2002 Oil and Canvas

Bell Ringers 2000 Oil on Canvas

Winter street in the Pleos 2005 oil and canvas

Midday 1997 Oil and Canvas

Silent evening 2001 Oil and Canvas

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Alexander Kosnichev

Contemporary Russian Realist Impressionist Paintings

Александр Косничев — московский художник, работающий в традициях русского реализма. Картины Александра Косничева выставлялись в России, Европе, США и находятся в частных собраниях многих стран мира.

Alexander Kosnichev is an internationally known realist / impressionist painter based in Moscow, Russia. Kosnichev’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide and can be found in private collections throughout USA, Europe, and Asia.